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1sn r1at en 853 1 sn nitrogen transfer high pressure hose

SOR 66V1-K5-N4-B1A

20151030- click to collapse contents SOR SOR 66V1-K5-N4-B1A::6,:SOR ,:SOR click to expand conte

disubstituted-1,2-diazine-6-one derivatives with nitrogen

[4,5]-Fused-1,3-disubstituted-1,2-diazine-6-one derivatives with nitrogen-containing substituents in position one are useful for inducing or promoting


operating at the same pressure and temperature R1 is a linear or branched alkyl residue with(meth)acrylic acid and other nitrogen-containing

Effect of elemental sulfur on the performance of nitrogen-

steelat high pressureand tem- basedinhibitors was 700 mL lap water 2 - G 1 0 1 8 0 c o 4 P l F e b r u a r1y 9 9 0 49

Process for the preparation of an olefin polymer

STR1## in which, preferably, M1 is Zr, R1 --Sn--, --O--, --S--, SO, SO2, NRnitrogen and filled with 10 dm3 of liquid

Is nitrogen deposition altering the chemical composition of

taagnlldbeaicofoÀmr1ra)esacsnteoddf leaves in one from the middle and one from the top ofterrestrial ecosystem responses to nitrogen deposition


at least one quaternary ammonium or phosphonium (R7)n - Sn - Hal(4-n) et (R7)4 - Sb nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or hydrocarbons which


one or more amine-containing monomers, or salts at least one ethylenically unsaturated group such or R1 and R2 together with the nitrogen atom

VM 5 C.0 /-2GB hydacVM 5 C.0 /-2GBC-SO135_parkerD3W

1.44 1.5UF 5% UN=2400VDC UMS=1000VAC9343;SN 322 )ZP46HPFOR1 R1=2KPD210-2KO-4B 160MB(A 105 NPT),DN 25 High Pressure Ball Valve (

of expression of the nitrogen-responsive regulator, NRR1

B, browser view of the Chlamydomonas NRR1 locus; nitrogen starvation mRNA abundance is shown at the top (0 – 48 h) and other conditions (replete,

Photo‐Induced Non‐Linearity and Transmittance Oscillation

(fragment of the peptide) Lipid-transfer proteinsnitrogen fixation symbiosis *Orthologue of HAR1 AvrP123 TMV replicase ATR1 AvrRPP5 AvrRps4


1-2 heteroatoms selected out of nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur; R3 is hydrogen or optionally substituted inferior alkyl; R1 4 and R2 4 are independently

Tetrahydrofuran derivatives and their use as nk-1 antagonists

(21) Appl, No.1 _ (22) PCT Flledl 10/381 -ZNR1OR11, C1_4alkyl, hydroXyC1_4 60 together With the nitrogen atom to Which they

of threonine, valine and phenylalanine based on nitrogen

gm1.502.2c0o2n.t4e0n1ty.2in003.136c00r1o0 keeping the total nitrogen at a constant level

R900422061 RexrothR900422061_RexrothR900327192 CGKA

(20 °C) = sN(N + E) (eq 1), where was generated in situ in dichloromethane at −

Energy efficiency in hydraulic systems

ethylenically unsaturated monomers of one or more(I) where R is hydrogen or methyl, R1 means (meth)acrylic acid and other nitrogen-containing

Evaluation of coated metallic bipolar plates for polymer

high electrical conduc- tivity, high thermal The nitride layer is formed by nitrogen atom The measured total resis- tance (R1) consisted


at least 0.01 wt% of the total composition ofR1O (C2H O) XSO3M, wherein R2 is alkyi The polymers will have cationic nitrogen containing

Water-soluble or water-dispersible polyaspartic acid

R1 and R4 can be identical or different and together with the nitrogen to which they are 1-undec-10-enylamine, 1-tridecylamine, 1-

Determination of a critical nitrogen dilution curve for

(oBaéclahnpgreervaionudsRlyiuchseadrdfos,r1t9a91. Changes in nitrogen (N) concentration as a (sNenc t=s 38.5 W–0.57) in eastern the

Bridged bis-amino group 4 metal compounds in a catalyst

nitrogen atom; each e is Si, Ge or Sn; eachconditions and contains at least one boron atom.(R1)3 ; each R1 being independently chosen from

vinyl pyridine latex polymers with alternate nitrogen

(c) at least one vinyl pyridine, (d) a nitrogen atom-containing monomer wherein R1 is H or is a C1 to C6 alkyl radical; R2 is —CH2 or

Isomerization of epoxyalkenes to 2,5-dihydrofurans

R1 substituents collectively may represent an at least as high as the melting point of said nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or hydrocarbons which

Hair treatment composition

nitrogen atom by way of a C2-C6 alkylene or at least one carboxylic acid which is selected R1 is a group where n is 0 to 3, m is

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